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Business Simulation Steps1

Business Simulation Steps1 - team and not as individuals...

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Instructions: Logon to www.capsim.com Click the Downloads link Select Foundation (Note: DO NOT select Rehearsal) Right-click on Download Foundation.xls Right Click Here link Select (depending on your browser) SAVE TARGET AS or SAVE LINK TARGET AS or SAVE LINK AS Click SAVE IN and select a location o For example, My Documents , the Desktop or a folder you are using for your simulation material Click the SAVE button o Click the Close button Open Microsoft Excel Open the Foundation.xls file from the location from above Note: You may be required to Enable Macros Select Connect to the Capsim website Enter your Capsim User ID and Password o Only one person should log-on. You will make your decisions as a
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Unformatted text preview: team and not as individuals • Click the OK button • Click Start working on Round 1 • Your team is now ready to begin making decisions for your company o Use the Coach, on-line business simulation reading, the FastTrak and your knowledge to assist your team o Remember that your team’s performance is very important • Saving Decisions o From the Simulation menu, select Update Official Decisions • You need to submit a team Cover Sheet (blackboard, handouts) and a set of Pro Forma financial statements (income statement and balance sheets only). Page 1 Business Foundations: WCOB 1023 Business Simulation Steps...
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