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Pre-Team On-line Reading Material Part 2

Pre-Team On-line Reading Material Part 2 - Quick Links •...

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Registration: Connect to the Internet o Go to www.capsim.com Enter your UserName Enter your password Click the Login button Click the Help link Select the Online Guide link Read the following information 9. Forecasting (pp 1 – 6) 10.Six Basic Strategies (pp 1 – 7) 11.Balanced Scorecard o Team Member Guide
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Unformatted text preview: Quick Links • Saving Decisions (pp 1 – 3) • Are there benefits to having debt? • Do the segments move gradually or in a big jump each year? • What is included in the December 31 cash position? (pp 1 – 2) Page 1 Business Foundations: WCOB 1023 Pre-Team On-line Reading Material...
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