Lab 4 Leisure and Adulthood(1)

Lab 4 Leisure and Adulthood(1) - and in what ways 3 How...

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Lab #3 Leisure and Adulthood (Due 4/12/11) Part I (25 pts): (handwritten notes fine) Find information on the following topics (you may use internet, phone, visit the local area, etc.): 1. Find one or more schedules of activities specifically for senior populations. Check retirement center websites, visit local retirement communities, etc. 2. What similarities and differences are there between activity schedules you find for senior populations and schedules you would find at the HPER building? 3. What, if any, special considerations relating to leisure planning for the older adult populations are taken into account when offering older adult leisure programming, activities, etc.? Part II (25 pts): (handwritten notes fine) Set up an interview with a retired adult. This interview may be conducted in person or over the phone. Use the following questions to guide your interview. 1. What does a typical day look like for you? 2. What life course factors (job, family, location, etc.) do you think have affected your leisure
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Unformatted text preview: and in what ways? 3. How much leisure time do you have now? How do you use it? 4. If there were no restrictions for you financially, physically, etc. ., what would you choose to do for leisure? Why? 5. Do you currently, or have you ever considered living within a retirement community? 6. Other questions asked or information you found out during the visit? Use follow up questions to generate discussion. Part III (25 pts): (this part is typed) Reflect on the information gathered from Parts I & II. 1) Provide a thorough discussion of your findings and insight as to how the information you have gathered has affected your understanding of adulthood and leisure. 2) Discuss the following question: Do you foresee any changes in older adult leisure activity services for future retiring generations? Why or why not?...
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Lab 4 Leisure and Adulthood(1) - and in what ways 3 How...

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