Lab #2 Bus to Mall (GMB)

Lab #2 Bus to Mall (GMB) - RESM 2853 Leisure & Society Lab...

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Lab 2 Leisure Constraints – Transportation – Mall as leisure The purpose of this lab is: 1. Take the bus to the mall to appreciate some leisure constraints people have. 2. Explore leisure resources and the variety of experiences the mall provides for leisure across the life span. 1. Observing the people on the [ on the way to the mall ] bus; describe in a few sentences two different kinds of people based on what you can see (style of clothing, mobility challenged, family or individual, perceived income or employment – e.g. uniform, etc). Predict what barriers/ obstacles to leisure each of these two types of people might be experiencing as a result of riding the bus. 2. In a few sentences describe/predict how the mall is used for leisure beyond shopping (shopping defined as the looking for and purchasing of goods and services). 3. Identify two stores/outlets that provide leisure resources (defined as a wide range of items/services that can be used directly or indirectly to experience leisure). To what age group
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Lab #2 Bus to Mall (GMB) - RESM 2853 Leisure & Society Lab...

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