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Leisure Life Change Assignment Select an activity that you have thought you would like to do but have never done. Become involved in it for at least 10 hours during the semester. This may include joining a club or church, attending fitness, art or dance classes, exercising, joining a book club, etc. Each hour you participate write a journal entry of at least 250 words (about one typed page). Each journal entry should include goals for that particular activity session. At the end of the experience you will have a complete journal and write a paper answering the following questions.
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Unformatted text preview: • Why did you not get involved before the assignment? • Why did you choose it? • How did you get involved? What steps did you take to develop or progress? Did you have to learn rules? Get friends to help you? Take a lesson? • Were there any apprehensions about it? • What did you learn and how did you feel about it? • Was there anything that surprised you? • What were some challenges that you faced? • Will you continue to do it? Why or why not? Evaluation: 50 points journal/50 points paper (100 points Total)...
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