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Ceremonial Speech Assignment - COMM 1101.023 Introduction...

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COMM 1101.023 Introduction to Public Speaking ____________________________________________ Fall 2010 Ceremonial speech (4-5 minutes) The purpose of this speech is to honor a particular person, institution or event. This speech should work to give your listeners a sense of community, honoring and/or inspiring particular emotions relevant to the situation. The central materials should emphasize the accomplishments, contributions, importance, benevolence and/or other noble characteristics of your subject. You should organize this speech according to a theme that you select. The language you use should be appropriate to the occasion, in most cases, formal. Although you may quote outside sources, the speech must be in your own words. This speech also functions as your final exam. Ceremonial speaking occurs to mark certain life experiences as special, and as such, these speeches depend highly on their context for their content, goals and tone. For this assignment, you may create either: 1) an actual speech you plan to deliver in a non-classroom setting in the future (for example, if your friend is getting married and you are expected to give a toast), 2) a hypothetical speech that you conceivably might be asked to deliver at some point (for example, a commencement speech honoring your graduation from UMN), OR 3) a “fictional” speech in which you take on a particular speaking persona and/or function (for example, accepting a Nobel Peace Prize for your many illustrious accomplishments). You should build your speech, then, in consideration of the listeners you would be speaking to in your speaking context. On the day you present your speech, your fellow students will take on the role of these listeners (wedding guests, graduating seniors, award ceremony attendees, etc). Therefore, a crucial part of building this speech will entail imagining, in detail, the future, hypothetical or fictional context in which you would be called upon to deliver this speech. Sample contexts
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Ceremonial Speech Assignment - COMM 1101.023 Introduction...

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