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Reflection Paper Grading SMGT 1701 25 points total Goal: gain insight from an industry professional. Student Name: Due Date: Date Turned in: Final Grade: /25 Section One: Worth Your score Typed, double spaced and 12pt, 1 ´ margins, stapled 2 pt 2 pages 1 pt Grammar 1 pt Section total 4 pt Section Two: Introduction Brief introduction of the lecture/speaker 1 pt Brief introduction of the 3 questions
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Unformatted text preview: 1 pt Section total 2 pt Section Three: Body of Papers Questions & Answers (3+) 3 pt Commentary (own idea/point of view/opinion/implication) 13 pt Section total 16 pt Section Four: Conclusion Summary of overall impressions 1 pt What did you learn/think 1 pt How can you apply speaker ¶ s advice/experience later? 1 pt Section Total 3 pt...
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