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Study Guide, Exam 1 CSCL/SCMC 1201, Spring 2011 The first exam for CSCL/SCMC 1201 will be given in class on February 21, 2011, and will consist of short-answer questions and identifications . Short-answer questions will focus on keywords and central ideas from class readings and lectures; you may be asked to define, discuss, or compare these terms. Examples of keywords include ( but are not limited to ): • Aura • Interpellation • Myth • Hegemony • Public sphere For short-answer questions, you will be expected to know the name of the theorist who uses these terms, their definition, and their significance for broader ideas discussed in class (i.e., “aura” is linked to our discussion of reproduction and the copy; “interpellation” is linked to our discussion of ideology). Identifications will consist of a series of still images taken from films or clips we have watched in class. You may be asked to identify the film, identify specific formal
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Unformatted text preview: dimensions of the still, and briefly discuss the significance of this image/scene for the film and/or for larger ideas discussed in class. To study, I recommend that you: • Review your notes from class, readings, and screenings, and your keyword lists. • Review the Powerpoint presentations on our course Moodle site. • Review the directors, years, and countries of production of films. • Review films available on the DCL, if desired. • Review terms and concepts in assigned chapters (and the glossary) in Practices of Looking • Review assigned articles; understand terms and concepts in them. • Think about the broader concepts the course has focused on thus far—media formats, the communities that they create and that surround them, the concept of the copy, myth, ideology, etc....
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