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Jour 1001 Fall 2010 Chapters 1 – 4 Exam Study Guide The exam will cover the materials in Chapters 1 through 4 in the Turow textbook and the materials from lectures on these chapters. It is a multiple-choice, true- false, machine-scored (bubble sheet) exam. There are 70 questions. The exam is worth 150 points. You will have no trouble completing the exam during the 50- minute class period. 1. Most importantly, use the Media Today website to review the “Chapter Recaps” and to take the practice True/False and Multiple Choice exams. Use that to help guide your preparation. 2. Secondly, review the lecture slides posted on Moodle. 3. We will NOT ask questions about dates, inventors, or personalities on this exam. However, you need to review the figures and tables in each chapter that
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Unformatted text preview: explain concepts and processes. 4 Study the key terms that are highlighted in each chapter in the margins of the page with a bullet. Make sure you understand those key terms and the concepts behind them. 5. Study the way the media industries construct audiences. 6. Review the model of media finance, production, distribution, exhibition and feedback. 7. Be sure you are familiar with the particulars of the Pentagon Papers case, Roth v. U.S. and New York Times v. Sullivan. 8. Be sure you understand when and under what circumstances the U.S government may restrict media content while adhering to the First Amendment. 9. Review the major theories that describe media effects. 10. Review the three dominant ethical theories and how they apply to media decision-making....
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