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Jour 1001 Fall 2010 Final Paper Topics Due : Friday, December 10, 9:05 (at the beginning of class) Total Possible Points : 100 points Choose one of the topics on the list below. You MUST refer to the materials from this class (text readings, class lectures, text website and DVD resources) in your paper in order to receive credit for your work. Your paper should be 3 - 5 pages (5 is the maximum!!), word-processed using a 12-point font, double-spaced with 1-inch margins. NO HANDWRITTEN, E-MAILED OR LATE PAPERS WILL BE ACCEPTED . The paper should have a cover page with a title, your name, your student identification number, your TA’s name, the date and the course number and title . Also on the cover page, restate the question you are addressing and a write clear statement of the paper’s thesis . Also, include the keywords that describe your paper topic. Your paper should be organized as follows: Introduction and Statement of the Paper’s Thesis Main Points Conclusion References Properly cite any materials from your Turow text, text Website or DVD resources, or class materials when you refer to them in the paper. Do NOT use external sources such as Wikipedia in your paper . The cover page and the references page do NOT count in the 3 – 5 page total. Failure to comply with these formatting requirements will result in losing 25% of the total points you might earn for the paper. Here is a sample of the materials to include on the cover page (in addition to your name, etc. as outlined above): Question 2: In your opinion, which of the six trends described in Chapter 5 is having the most impact on media today? Why did you choose that trend, and what type of impact is that trend having? Discuss one of the media industries we studied and describe how that media trend is affecting that industry. (Chapter 5, and one from Chapters 8 through 15) Keywords: digital convergence, digital rights management (DRM), recording industry, internet radio, digital downloads, piracy, RIAA
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media today. The recording industry is feeling the impact of digital convergence in many aspects of the business, and digital convergence is affecting both the content producers and the music consumers in this industry. Your paper should include a review of the materials from the class readings, lecture and discussion, the supplemental materials for the Turow text (website and DVD), and other related class materials. You can express a point of view, but you should be sure to defend your perspective by summarizing the evidence from the class materials to which you refer. 2
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Final_Paper_Assignment_and_Topics - Jour 1001 Fall 2010...

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