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alexis speech 2 - Notes on Rhetoric Monday topic and...

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Notes on Rhetoric Monday- topic and sources due Rhetorical Theory- Chapter 7 The Arts of Rhetoric: o A. cooperative art Features: Social, not solitary Explanation: Adapt to audience. Analogy: Choosing movie with friend. Examples: Bush’s frontier myth. A lot of articles were published and there was one article that talked about the frontier myth. The basic image about the cowboy and the Midwest. It’s a conservative myth. Example” “Cowboy hats v. Ties” He would use this myth and direct it towards the conservative parties. Bush rather see people in cowboy hats rather than suits and ties. He’s adapting to his audience. o The People’s art: Features: Ordinary language (V. Poetry) Use language everyone can understand. Everyday Logic (V. Philosophy) Make message basic and simple to appeal to everybody. Explanation: Identify with diverse audience Common ground we are more likely to be persuaded by somebody like ourselves. Examples: Political campaigns Counter-example: law Counter-example” poetic devices: MLK’s “I have a dream” o Temporary art: Feautures:
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Consumed; not savored Not universal Explanation: Respond to exigence- immediate need Examples: Law: current case. Once it goes through a court of law it doesn’t matter anymore after that decision. You don’t get follow up emails or anything. Politically: It could be a situation or a problem
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alexis speech 2 - Notes on Rhetoric Monday topic and...

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