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16 October 2010 Mean Girls is a comedy about an extremely intelligent 15-year-old girl, Cady Heron who has spent majority of her life home-schooled by her zoologist parents in East Africa. In the movie they refer to her as a “home-schooled jungle freak.” Her family has recently relocated to the United States, where she leaves the home-schooled life in Africa and enters high school in suburban Illinois. Cady is in for a rude awakening when she shockingly discovers rules, drama, and cliques among student stereotypes the first day in the Cafeteria. “The Plastics,” a group of rich and popular girls who seem to run the school, instantly embrace Cady. The Plastics are seen as the most popular girls in school and nearly every girl wants to be like them. These girls have produced a “Burn Book,” where they write extremely hurtful things about their peers and teachers. Eventually this burn book is leaked throughout the school and chaos takes over the school. Each character in Mean Girls has a very distinct role . There are the characters in every clique that fit to their particular stereotype then the teachers, who depict certain roles based on their gender and subject of instruction. The cast of teachers has very separate roles. For example, Ms. Norbury is the math teacher, played by Tina Fey, a star from the sitcom Saturday Night Live. She is quite a dull, but good-natured character who you tend to feel sorry for at times because she is extremely frazzled and does not know how to properly handle the students. By the end of Mean Girls, Ms. Norbury has transitioned into somewhat of a therapist and role model for her students when the slam book issue swarms the school and rumors begin to fly. (Try and break into 2 paragraphs) On the first day of class Ms. Norbury brings
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Education - Education 2110 16 October 2010 Mean Girls is a...

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