Theater - Old Men Pantalone Dottore Zanni...

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Notes Theater Commedia dell’Arte Commedia dell’Arte o “Comedy of the Artists” or “The Italian Comedy” o Began in Northern Italy in the mid-1500s, especially in Venice o Has ties to ancient Roman comedies and mimes o A form of street theatre o Mostly improvised o Funded by donations- “passing the hat” o Commedia companies frequently travelled from place to place o Actors played “stock” roles o Companies had variable number of members, but famous  companies relied on ten actors: Two old men Four lovers Two “zanni” A captain A serving maid Commedia Characters o The characters changed based on the location the commedia  company came from or performed in o They were recognizable “types”, allowing for social satire
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Unformatted text preview: Old Men: Pantalone, Dottore Zanni: Arlecchino (Harlequin), Truffaldino, Pulchinella, Scaramuccia, Brighella Soldier: Capitano Maid: Columbina o The Lovers (inamorati) were unmasked • Commedia Subject Matter o Largely improvised over basic story frameworks o Used lazzi- stock “bits” or “shtick” o Broad physical comedy- “Slapstick” o Used stories about common, domestic life • Influences o Commedia would spread throughout Europe. o Greatly influenced the French Moliere’s writings Pantomime o Vaudeville The style and subject matter can still be seen in some TV and film in the modern age...
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Theater - Old Men Pantalone Dottore Zanni...

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