1-25-11 DNA Repair-NER,BER,MMR

1-25-11 DNA Repair-NER,BER,MMR - GROUP LIST version 1...

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1 GROUP LIST, version 1 Section 1: Group 1 1. Young Jin Park 2. Gabriela Ross 3. Al ie Tabakin 1. Boris Sotnikov Group 2 1. Erin Landry 2. Lauren Giannetti (3?) 3. Ariane Seto 2. Luke Tul y Group 3 1. Rosani Bhavsar 2. Sruti Patoori 3. Naomi Berman 3. Yurah Kim Group 4 1. David Kornblum 2. Kanak Verma 3. Kris Raghavan Group 5 1. Megan Radler 2. Deepa Balavijayan 3. Kira Kranich Section 2: Group 6 1. Francesca Tubito 2. Siana Ziemba 3. Avanti Suresh 1. Beneta Rolser Group 1. Maksim Zorich 2. Nicole Reich 3. Vincenzo Averel o 2. Sean Ruane Group 8 1. Joseph Calvano (1?) 2. Hannah Hafeez 3. Daniel Disanto 3. Anshu Paul Group 9 1. Jay Shi 2. Scott Dooley 3. Stephanie La Cava 1. Mobolanle Olayanju (1?) Group 10 1. Alisa Schink 2. Kevin Santos 3. Stacey Subbie 2. John Diodato (1?) 3. Tanya Hemrajani Section 3: Group 11 1. Neil Patel (0350) 2. Bryant Casarrubias (1?) 3. Yocheved Kramer 1. Matthew Helmi Group 12 1. Janna Sloand 2. Tranchou Hoang 3. Elizabeth Chen Group 13 1. Aisha Jasani 2. Pranali Shingala 3. Caroline Jung 2. Marez Megal a Group 14 1. Neil Patel (5304) 2. Miriam Sheikh (2?) 3. Katie Carreno 3. Chiranjeev Sharma Group 15 1. Prathusha Maduri 2. Vakul Gupta 3. Rutu Dave (1?) 1. Shrutika Yeola Group Work 1: 1. What parts of a person's body should be most carefully protected from ultraviolet radiation? Why? 2. What parts of a person's body should be most carefully protected from gamma or X-rays? Why? 3. When during a person's life would it be most important to avoid exposure to mutagens? Why? Many different kinds of tests have been used to evaluate mutagenicity One commonly used test is the Ames test . Developed by Bruce Ames. The test uses a strain of Salmonella typhimurium that cannot synthesize the amino acid histidine. It has a point mutation in a gene involved in histidine biosynthesis A second mutation (i.e., a reversion) may occur, restoring the ability to synthesize histidine. The Ames test monitors the frequency with which this second mutation occurs. Testing Methods Can Determine If an Agent Is a Mutagen The Ames test for mutagenicity Figure 16.16 Provides a mixture of enzymes that may activate a mutagen The control plate indicates that there is a low level of spontaneous mutation
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2 DNA Repair : the Mismatch, Base Excision, and Nucleotide Excision Repair Pathways Genetic Analysis 2 January 25, 2011 Replication errors and damage to DNA, if not repaired, or incorrectly repaired, can produce mutations of every kind. Since most mutations are deleterious, DNA repair systems are vital to the survival of all organisms. All living cells contain several DNA repair systems that can repair different type of DNA alterations. In most cases, DNA repair is a multi-step process:
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1-25-11 DNA Repair-NER,BER,MMR - GROUP LIST version 1...

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