Gene modification using ZFNs

Gene modification using ZFNs - Genetic Analysis 2, Spring...

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Genetic Analysis 2, Spring 2011 Jigsaw Questions for and Urnov et al, 2005 Please read the review paper by Porteus and Carroll , Gene Targeting Using Zinc-Finger Nucleases , which will give you a good overview and helpful background information. Then read the research paper by Urnov et al, Highly efficient endogenous human gene correction using designed zinc-finger nucleases . Begin your individual answer to ONE of the individual questions below, to go over at recitation this Wednesday, February 9. As before, the order of names on our Group List determines which question you answer. Please also be prepared to discuss your answer with the other members of your group, and to discuss their answers to the other questions during recitation. Print extra copies of your response in advance; one to hand in, and one for each member of the group to work from during discussion. This will be your chance to benefit from each other’s understanding of the article, by asking questions about parts that seemed unclear to you. The idea here is to expand and clarify the individual answers (or correct them, if need
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Gene modification using ZFNs - Genetic Analysis 2, Spring...

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