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Howlett jigsaw questions - Genetic Analysis 2 Jigsaw...

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Genetic Analysis 2 Jigsaw Questions for Howlett et al Please read the Science paper by Howlett et al, Biallelic Inactivation of BRCA2 in Fanconi Anemia , together with the additional file of Supplementary Data (originally published as an on- line supplement to the printed Howlett article in Science ). There is also a short commentary by Witt and Ashworth that appeared in the same issue of Science ; start by reading that for some interesting background. Please prepare (type) your individual answer to ONE of the questions below, to discuss and turn in at recitation on Wednesday, January 26. The order of names on our Group List determines which question you answer. If you are the first person listed in your recitation group, then answer question 1; if you are the second person listed, answer question 2; if you are the third person listed, answer question 3. If you are the fourth person, the number next to your name is the question you will answer. Be prepared to discuss your answer with the other members of your group, and to discuss their answers to the other questions during recitation. Print several copies of your response in
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Howlett jigsaw questions - Genetic Analysis 2 Jigsaw...

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