steplight 4 - LECTURE#4 Protective Equipment Purpose of...

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LECTURE #4: Protective Equipment Purpose of Padding - Reduce impact/increase impact area - Transfer force: closed cell transfers better - Stabilize, limit ROM, brace - Decrease friction - Absorb energy - Resist infection - Add mass to limit deformation General Padding - Focal (isolated) vs. Diffuse injury (widespread) - Low Density (like a sponge) vs. High Density padding - Construction of padding - Competition rules with padding - Standardization Equipment – Head and Face - Football helmets o Prevents concussions o Still requires proper technique o NOCSAE o Required warning o Fitting a football helmet Check air bladder frequently Only one finger should slide under cheek pads Facemask should be two finger widths from nose Should not be able to twist facemask - Hockey helmets o Increase risk of spinal injuries o ASTM & HECC - Batting helmet: requires double ear flap - Other helmets: Lacrosse - Face Guards - Eyewear: not required o Goggles o o Face shield o Spectacles - Ear wear: specialized for each sport o Sports with ear wear include: boxing, wrestling, water polo - Mouth Guards o Required for football, hockey, lacrosse o Should not affect speech or breathing o Different types include – thermal set, vacuum formed, custom made
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Equipment – Upper Body - Shoulder Pads o Cantilevered vs. Flat o Air pocket over AC joint o Laces touching in front o Covers AC joint, clavicle, Pecs, shoulders, traps, and upper ribs o Should be able to raise arms without pinching - Elbow, forearm, wrist and hand o Required by goalies o Below elbow must be covered by closed cell padding - Thorax, rib and abdominal o Required in baseball, softball, fencing and other goalies - Sports Bras: designed to limit motion - Lumbar / Protection: optional in all sports Equipment – Lower Body - Hip and buttocks: requires special girdle - Thigh padding o 6-7 inches above knew, over quadriceps o Neoprene sleeves are an alternative
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steplight 4 - LECTURE#4 Protective Equipment Purpose of...

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