steplight 6 - examiner o Assessment Side Structure(joint...

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LECTURE #7: Injury Assessment 1. Primary Survey 2. ABC’s (airway, breathing, circulation) / Basic first aid (obvious deformity) 3. HOPS + F (on the field survey) Injury Documentation o Every profession has a standardized secondary survey but each profession is different. Athletic trainer writes down the SOAP note o Gathers subjective and objective information to make an assessment and devise a plan for rehabilitation SOAP Note o Subjective What, when, where, why, how did it happen? Have they injured it before Equipment / allergies / prior treatment o Objective Anything we did observed Ambulation (FWB / PWB / NWB) Swelling (effusion is inside the joint capsule, while edema is the opposite) Ecchymosis / deformity / palpations (palpate one joint below and above) Special / functional test AROM (active) – ROM gained on their own PROM (passive) – ROM gained by examiner AAROM (active resistance) – ROM while resisting against the
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Unformatted text preview: examiner o Assessment Side Structure (joint) Injury Degree Exp. (right knee, ACL sprain, 2 nd degree) o What was done, including frequency and duration o Patient education (write down and send home) do rehab every 8 hours o Exercise specifically o Short term goals (2 to 3 weeks) which includes ROM and decrease pain o Long term goals (+ 3 weeks) bilaterally equality in strength and ROM. Activities of a daily life o Modalities – Cryotherapy, E-stim, Ultrasound o Home education program (HEP) Example Soap: S: 9-6-07 – Male soccer player – during practice at 7pm on 9/5 – no allergies – no prior injury – treatment (ice for 20 min. 2 times a day – wrap and took 4 Advil) O: Patient comes in on crutches NWB, with sever pain / moderate sever swelling / over medial aspect of the knee. (ROM), ST – Valgus stress (MCL) A: Right knee, MCL sprain, 2 nd degree...
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steplight 6 - examiner o Assessment Side Structure(joint...

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