steplight 7 - LECTURE #8: Rehabilitation Phase 1 (Controls...

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LECTURE #8: Rehabilitation Phase 1 (Controls inflammation by modalities, within the first 2 to 3 days) o Protect, Rest, Ice, Compress, Elevate (PRICE) o Immobilization helps with proper tissue alignment o (CMP) – Continuous Passive Motion machine: decrease Hemorthrosis (blood in the joint) o Wrap distal to proximal Phase 2 (Restore ROM passively and actively) o Stretch Stretch – 30 to 50 seconds: Stretch 3 to 5 times o Ballistic – bounce (only after warm up and static strengthening) o PNF Stretching – hold / relax Phase 3 (Muscular endurance and power) o Increase pressure overtime to be able to adapt (Dapre technique – Daily active progressive resistive exercise) o Isotonic – fixed resistance, variable speed (leg extension) o Isokinetic – fixed speed, variable resistance (biodex) o Isometric – no change in muscle length o Open Kinetic Chain (leg extension) o Closed Kinetic Chain – fixed distal extremity (body squat) Phase 4 (Return to Activity) o Gross / fine motor movements o Sport Specific Modalities Cryotherapy Ice Bag o Vasoconstriction, crushed, 15 to 20 minutes o Advantages – easy, quick, portable o Disadvantages – leaky, expensive Ice Cup o Massage 7 to 10 minutes
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steplight 7 - LECTURE #8: Rehabilitation Phase 1 (Controls...

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