steplight 8 - Lecture:Pelvic Anatomy Pubis...

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Lecture # :Pelvic Anatomy Pubis – anterior/inferior Ischium – posterior Ilium – superior Fused together at birth to form acetabulum Obturator foramen – pubis ischium Right and left (triangulate cartilage; 2 ligaments) Sacroiliac Joint o Synovial cavity o 3 ligaments Ventral SI Sacrotuberous (posterior) Sacrospinous o o Long lasting if injured Hip Anatomy Labrum – ring of cartilage that deepens the socket and holds femur in acetabulum Center of gravity slightly behind hip joint Hip Ligament Iliofemoral – y ligament, longest, strongest, resists hyperextension and some interal rotation Ischiofemoral – thinniest, resist hyperflexion Pubofemoral – anterior/inferior, resist hyper abduction Ligament of head of femur – runs from acetabular fossa to fovea capitis, supplies nutrients and blood to femoral head Hip Injuries Hip dislocation o Head of femur out of acetabulum
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steplight 8 - Lecture:Pelvic Anatomy Pubis...

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