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Canan Turan - this situation venture capitalist might be...

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1. What is your impression of Bernstein’s perspective on raising capital to “get to the next level”? Bernstein’s company is worth 3.5 million dollar, it shows that the company has become successful in just six years. In my opinion, such a young company like Access Direct Inc should continue growing. Two more million dollars is a reasonable amount of money for a new investment opportunity in this firm. There are many venture capitalist are willing to assist with this kind of projects, so I think the company should be able to get enough fund to expand itself. 2. What advice would you offer Bernstein as to both appropriate and inappropriate sources of financing in his situation? According to the paragraph, Bernstein has four partners in the company. I think in
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Unformatted text preview: this situation, venture capitalist might be the best option. They provide the funding that a company needs to expand its business and also present several value added services. In addition, most of the venture capitalists have experience building companies themselves so they can really help Bernstein to think strategically about how to grow and become more successful. Banks are the last options to get sources of money because they have such a big amount of interest. Even if the company’s strategy is doing well, they cannot change this success into profit because they will end up by paying back to the bank with a high interest rate....
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