Assignments - MUSIC STUDIES 4711 Laboratory Assignment 1 A...

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MUSIC STUDIES 4711 Laboratory Assignment 1 A Note to Macintosh Users: PD instructions that call for “Right Clicking” can be executed on a one-button mouse by Control-Clicking instead. Find a computer with PD installed, or download and install it on your own computer. Start the program by clicking its icon. Once it starts, go to the menu bar and select “Test Audio and MIDI." This may be in a sub-menu called "Media.” A window like this should open: Instead of looking for the promised “getting started” in the help menu, go to the help menu and choose either “HTML” (if you are connected to the web) or “BROWSER.” If you choose BROWSER you will find another set of choices, from which you should choose “manual.” Within manual, look for “index.htm” and click that entry. The PD Manual should now appear. Look for Chapter 3, “Getting PD to run,” and follow the narrative there. You need only test the sound output of PD. Here’s what the manual says to do: First, try to get Pd to play a sine wave over your speakers. The "TEST TONE" control at top left turns this on and off. Normally, all the output channels are turned on so that when
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you turn the tone on (to a soft -40 dB or a louder -20 dB) you should get output on the first six of your output channels. (If you have fewer than six output channels open, the extra channels aren't played; and if you have more, this particular patch won't use them.) If there's anything wrong, the most likely outcome is that you will hear nothing at all. This could be for any of at least three reasons: Pd might have failed to open the audio device; the audio card's output volume might be set to zero; or your audio system might not be set to amplify the computer output. By now you should have located a working version of PD or else downloaded and installed one on your own computer, started PD and tested its audio output. If you encounter problems, first re-read the instructions and double check what you’ve done. If you hear no sound form PD, double-check to see if you can play any sound at all from the computer. Having done that, try testing PD again. If it still doesn’t work, see if someone around you is using PD and try
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Assignments - MUSIC STUDIES 4711 Laboratory Assignment 1 A...

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