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Part I. Making a Scale Anyone can play a scale, right? But what is a scale? Here is an experiment to shed light on these two questions. GROUND RULE: Do not use books, web pages, calculators, tuners, pitch pieces, people with perfect pitch, or any other aid other than your own ears and the sound of the Pd patch for this lab 04_Scale.pd. This patch requires the file scv.pd to run correctly. Place them both in the same directory, then open 04_Scale.pd After you press the Start button, keys 1 through 8 at the top of your computer keyboard will play pitches when pressed. The first and last notes are fixed, but you can manipulate the sliders to tune steps 2,3,4,5,6 and 7. Please note that when the program first starts the position of the sliders may not correspond to the pitch of the notes. Once you move a slider the pitch will track the slider from then on. Make a major scale You are to manipulate the sliders to tune your keyboard to play a major scale, using only your ears to judge the accuracy. If you don’t remember what a major scale sounds like, you can hear one at the National Institute of Health website: http://www.niehs.nih.gov/kids/lyrics/doremi.htm Write down your observations about the process: was it easy or difficult? Did it take very long? When you have a tuning that you feel represents your very best effort, hit the Stop button. Once you hit STOP , do not try to change the tuning. The program will compare your tuning against that of an equal-tempered scale and print a percentage error for each note, plus the total accumulated errors for the whole scale. How accurate were you? If you want to repeat the experiment, remember that you have to move the sliders to get their values to register after you press Start. <continue to the next page>
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04_ScalesAndSound - Laboratory 4 Part I. Making a Scale...

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