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Lab 9 - Subtractive Synthesis Open Pd and open the Browser (under the Help menu). Select 3.audio.examples, then double click on H01.low-pass.pd. Make sure Compute Audio is on and move the volume slider up so you can hear the noise. Turn on the graphing switch as well. Click on the cutoff frequency number box and drag up and down to hear the effect of changing the cutoff frequency. Also notice how the wave form changes. Close the window and open H03.band-pass. Again, increase the volume and turn on the graphing. First experiment with changing the cutoff frequency. Although this is a band pass filter, it does not have a control to specify the band width of the filter. It does have a way to adjust the Q, which is a value which increases the resonance of the filter. Play with that and listen to how the sound changes. Close the window and open the file 09_SubtractiveSynthStartPatch.pd. Save the it to another filename, one that has your name in the filename. As in last week's lab, the group of objects at the top gathers keystrokes from the computer
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Unformatted text preview: keyboard and converts them to frequency values. This patch uses an additive synth patch which adds together sawtooth waves in order to create a complex waveform. First, connect the output of the additive synth patch (the final +~ object) directly to the dac~. Change the ratio parameters and the envelope parameters in order to make the patch your own sound. Now we are going to do some subtractive synthesis on your waveform. Remove the connection you made from the additive synth patch to the envelope and instead connect it to the input of one of the filters. Connect the output of the filter to the dac~. Play with the cutoff/center frequency ratio and if using the band-pass filter, also play with the Q value. Get a sound you like and send and write down the filter numbers on the back of your worksheet. Save the patch and send it to me at [email protected] by noon on Friday April 16th....
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