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10_SyllabusRevisedFinalWeeks - Music Studies 4711 Computers...

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Revised Course Syllabus Last few weeks of Spring 2010 Instructor: Mr. Cicada Brokaw Office: 12 Presser Hall E-mail: [email protected] Phone: 215-204-8004 Office Hrs: by appointment or Friday 12:00-1:50pm Week 11 Apr. 9 More Synthesis: subtractive synthesis and filters Due: narrative report on Lab 8 (3pts), patches created were shared in class (3 pts) There was no worksheet 8! Assignment: Lab 9 (Subtractive Synthesis) Next week you will share the sound you create, email your pd patch to me by noon, Apr 16th Reading: Wright: Chpt 5 Synthesis Topologies, FM Synthesis, Synthesis by Analysis (pp 10-14) x-tra credit 9: Blog on Blackboard - something related to audio synthesis Week 12 Apr.16 Synthesis by analysis: phase vocoders, etc. , still image and video, SMPTE, applications Due: Lab 9, sounds created will be shared in class (write down the numbers from the number boxes and put them on the back of your worksheet.) worksheet 9 (from Apr 9th) Assignment: Creative Work: Lab 10 (Multimedia) Next week you will share what you create, works must be posted online by 8am Apr. 23rd
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