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Geography Nuclear Energy - Maldonado 1 Oscar Maldonado Prof...

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Maldonado 1 Oscar Maldonado Prof. Paul Adams Geography 10 November 2009 Nuclear Energy The geological principles of the world govern and dictate the many ways of humanity. Even as time passes these same principles still illustrate how mankind functions and prospers. Nuclear energy is a topic long discussed throughout the many nations and regions of the world and exemplifies how geography comes into play when dealing with issues such as these. At the moment the vast regions of the earth are connected through the ties of the competitive oil industry. With the Middle East leading the way with the largest oil reserves, every other nation is paying top dollar for skyrocketing fuel prices. As a result of this, nuclear energy has begun to emerge with stalwart force. Nuclear energy is a much cheaper source of energy and provides a considerable amount more energy than other fuel sources. As the years go by, more and more countries are beginning to turn to nuclear power plants to fuel their nations. With this being the case, the demand for the oil industry as well as fossil fuels are sure to steadily decline. With the demand for cheaper and more cost-efficient energy, comes the ruin of another industry and the birth of something greater (Beyond). Recently the United Kingdom has stated the locations where they will be building their new nuclear power plants. This has several thousand people enthusiastic and
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Maldonado 2 anxious for the new structures to be built. Although it is true that it costs more money to build these brilliant and towering structures, the pay out at the end of the process is the true reward (Go-ahead). Countries such as India, Russia, and China are already moving towards the next catatonic installment in energy usage (Nuc11). The mobilization of other countries towards this concept holds true the principle of a places dependence on another. As nations begin to accept and follow through with nuclear energy plants, the oil industry and nearly extinguished fossil fuels will be pushed aside. The race to be the leader in nuclear energy and power will drive countries to develop new technologies, and thus further advance themselves in all aspects. As a result of this, countries such as Africa, Germany, and Australia who completely opposed the idea will have no choice but to adapt with the rest of the evolving world if they don’t wish to be left behind (Nuc11). Middle East countries will lose their strong foothold in the trading nations with their main export being imported in small, tenuous amounts (Nuclear). Being from different cultures and backgrounds, it is only logical that not every
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Geography Nuclear Energy - Maldonado 1 Oscar Maldonado Prof...

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