Cancer sticks - Jones 1 Zach Jones C. Swint English 1102 27...

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Jones 1 Zach Jones C. Swint English 1102 27 January 2010 Cancer Sticks To smoke or not to smoke? Is that really a question educated people have to ask themselves? As everyone knows, whether some like to agree or not, cigarettes are extremely harmful to the human body. Not only are they harmful to the person who is smoking, but they are just as dangerous to the people surrounding these smokers. What really makes these cigarettes dangerous is the abundance of chemicals blended with the tobacco to enhance taste and create a better burning cigarette. Some of these additives as well as the natural chemical found in tobacco called nicotine are scientifically proven to make someone physically addicted to a cigarette. If this were commonly known would people continue to smoke? Many people find pleasure in smoking cigarettes; they may or may not have started had they been knowledgeable of how detrimental cigarettes can be to their overall health with each inhale. As a child I have always been against smokers. I used to walk passed people smoking and would deliberately cough really loudly so they would feel guilty for ruining my life with their second hand smoke. Maybe that was a little bit harsh, but it was difficult for me to understand why people would voluntarily harm themselves for something that has no benefit whatsoever. During colonial times, Americans thrived off of selling tobacco back to Europe because it was believed to have mystical powers that extend one’s life. However, this belief is completely false, yet people still to this day smoke cigarettes as if their life depends on it. When asked, people
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Cancer sticks - Jones 1 Zach Jones C. Swint English 1102 27...

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