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Jones 1 Zach Jones 27 April 2010 Final Paper TR 2:30-3:45 Why Take a Drag? Children of all ages are more than well informed about drugs and their dangerous effects. It is well known that the act of smoking cigarettes has negative effects on the human body. Why do people smoke even though they, deep down inside, know it is bad for them? This is hopefully a question habitual smokers ask themselves every time they take a “drag” of a cigarette. I, a habitual cigarette smoker myself, am attempting to fully understand the mysterious tendencies the addictive drug known as nicotine has on the body and mind of the human being. My further knowledge of this topic will hopefully help me not only quit smoking for myself, but help spread my newly found knowledge to fellow smokers in order to aid them in their dire struggle against nicotine addiction. It seems smokers who continue to smoke, even though they know they are slowly killing their health, have a lackadaisical view on life itself. Smoking has been proven, countless times, to decrease one’s stamina, lung capacity, and overall health. Do smokers become addicted when the first trace of nicotine is planted into their system or is it because they simply do not care? People smoke for multiple, unique reasons, while many smokers or even ex- smokers are constantly battling their addiction to nicotine. The question is why don’t they quit? People are well aware of the negative effects which come with the act of smoking cigarettes; however people continue to smoke regardless of what harm they are putting on their bodies. When people are asked why they started smoking, many different reasons may come out, but the glorified excuses can all be classified into similar groups. The first group would be that of
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Jones 2 peer pressure. This happens when someone’s peer has tried smoking and his or her peer tries to influence them to try smoking a cigarette. The person testing out smoking does not want to be viewed by his or her peer as an outcast or a nerd, so the victim feels it is necessary to smoke in order to “fit in” or to look cool. Stress is also a big reason why people begin to smoke on the cancerous tobacco. Unfortunately, in this instance, smoking is used as a crutch in order to cope with stress even though problems will still be present when the cigarette diminishes. Smoking does not relieve stress in the long run, nor does it partake in any progressive action. It may create an instant sense of security but, in reality, it only causes more health related stress with the addiction. A person’s genetic makeup could possibly cause their want or need to smoke cigarettes. This means that a particular person was doomed to smoke because it was in their DNA to become “one with the addiction to nicotine.” People who have ancestors who smoked cigarettes may or may not be inclined to start smoking. This really depends on whether smoking has portrayed a tragic memory in a person’s life. A death in the family, which can be traced back
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cigs - Jones 1 Zach Jones 27 April 2010 Final Paper TR...

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