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Annotated Bibliography Biology of Exercise This source is a journal entry about stress in a community college. It is not an experiment, but more of a presentation and survey. What they did is gather a group of students from a community college and ask them to define stress and what causes stress in their life. This source then describes what the students stated as stressors. Because this source was a study on only defining what stress is and what are stressors for college students, it is not helpful. It did not state what a student should do to cope with their stress. This is a scholarly source, and therefore reliable. Though this source did not mention exercise as a way to cope with stress, it will be helpful in writing our paper. It will help us mainly in describing how and why college students are stressed. For this reason, I can say this source does not assist us in our argument, but is helpful.
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Unformatted text preview: How to Prevent and Manage Stress This is a scholarly source about how to manage stress. It describes different ways such as exercising, proper nutrition, breathing right, posture, prayer, and social support. It also has a portable guide relief with the top ten reasons people become stressed, what to do depending on how much time you have to relieve yourself, and more advice. This article stresses largely on positive psychology. Because this source is from a scholarly journal, it is reliable. It is very extensive in how to cope with stress compared to other sources, but does not talk about the “chemistry” of stress. This source is somewhat useful. It states that exercise is a great way to reduce stress and tells you what to do when you are exercising, but does not state how exercise physically reduces stress. This source will be helpful for our argument....
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