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Bencosme 1 Reliving Stress Through Exercise; Georgia State Should Provide More Classes With Physical Activity Article Alley . Brennan Howe, 26 Dec. 2005. Web. 9 Apr. 2010. < article_21222_23.html>. This source explains why our society suffers from more stress than we should, and how exercise can reduce stress through accomplishing goals and raising self-esteem. It compares aerobic and anaerobic exercises. This source also tells you that you must get your heart to a certain target level and maintain it there to produce the necessary reaction in your brain. They also advise the reader that you must stick to the routine. This source will be useful in explaining why exercise helps relieve stress for reasons other than physically effecting the body (such as self-esteem). This source is reliable but not scholarly. Brennan Howe is the author of the website for a health and fitness organization. The goal of this source is not to advise people to exercise, but to advise them to continue exercising to maintain a healthier lifestyle. This source helps us in our argument by stating the effectiveness that having actual exercise classes can lower the stress of students, because students are more likely to go to the gym if it was for a grade. Biology of Exercise 5 (2009): 16-18. EBSCO, 2009. Web. 31 Mar. 2010. <>. This source is a journal entry about stress in a community college. It is not an experiment, but more of a presentation and survey. What they did is gather a group of students from a community college and ask them to define stress and what causes stress in their life. This source then describes what the students stated as causes of stress.
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Bencosme 2 Because this source was a study that defined what stress is and what causes stress for college students, it is not helpful. It did not state what a student should do to cope with their stress. This is a scholarly source from a journal and peer reviewed by experts, and therefore reliable. Though this source did not mention exercise as a way to cope with stress, it will be helpful in writing our paper. It will help us mainly in describing how and why college students are stressed. For this reason, I can say this source does not assist us in our argument, but is helpful. Caldwell, Karen, et al. “Developing Mindfulness in College Students Through Movement-Based Courses: Effects on Self Regulatory Self-Efficacy, Mood, Stress, and Sleep Quality.” Journal of American College Health , 58.5 (2010): 433-442. This source focuses on the effect that a “movement based course” can have on college students
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AnnotatedBibliography3 - Bencosme 1 Reliving Stress Through...

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