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SAMPLE I-SEARCH PAPER LIVING WITH ASTHMA What I Already Knew / What I Wanted to Know “Well, Annie, it looks like you have asthma,” our family physician informed me. I could not believe what I was hearing. I thought that I had been suffering from a very stubborn cold. Questions started going through my head as I listened to Dr. Davis explain my condition. I’m in high school. Aren’t I too old to get asthma now? How can I stay on the softball team? Will I still be able to go on camping and hiking trips with my family? I already knew that asthma is a chronic disease which affects the lungs and that certain medications help control the number and severity of asthma episodes. (That’s when the coughing and wheezing start.) I didn’t know much more than that. I needed to know more about what might trigger an asthma episode. Will I be able to keep up with other players on the softball team? Are there certain types of trees and plants that I should avoid? After much pleading and negotiating on my part, my parents had finally agreed that our family could have a dog. Will I be able to live with it? I made a list of the things I needed to know. From that list, I was able to form my research question: Can I effectively manage my asthma ? Later, I was able to form an answer. The Story of My Search My search took about three weeks. I began my research by doing some background reading in the Encarta online encyclopedia. That site provided a definition of the term asthma , information on how the lungs function, the causes of asthma attacks, and the diagnosis and treatment of the disease. Statistics on the number of Americans with the disease were included in the article. Most of the information, including the statistics was supported by the information in the Merck Manual of Medical Hook your readers with an attention-grabbing statement. Explain what you already know about your topic. Tell what you want to know about your topic. Form a research question Steps of the research process
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Information. From there I did an online search combining the terms asthma and managing in the Google search engine . Of the many sites that were available, I chose to use the American Lung Association’s web site. There the information on asthma was current, well organized, easy to understand, and it provided answers to all three aspects of my research question. A Whois search of lungusa.org confirmed that the web site was registered to the American Lung Association. It gave me a street address at which I could contact the American Lung Association, as well as the date the site was last updated. Again, I used the Merck Manual of Medical Information to confirm the accuracy of the information. This was the only resource I evaluated for accuracy, currency, authority and purpose. Dr. Davis referred me to an allergy / asthma specialist named Dr. Emma
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I-search%20sample%201 - SAMPLE I-SEARCH PAPER LIVING WITH...

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