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Anthony Bencosme Engslish 1102 Dionne Irving 30 Mar 2010 You Just Have to Work It Out A ten page assignment on the history of Julius Cesar, a group presentation for your perspectives class, a test over eight chapters in American government, a 15 minute speech for human communications class, and you still have to do three hours in the MILE for calculus by the end of the week. Not to mention some of us have a part time job, volunteer work to add to our resume, or other duties for a fraternity, student government, honors classes, etc. How does all this affect a college student that also thrives for a social life and is already under the pressure of adjusting to the world without mom or dad? What one word comes to mind when there’s so much to do and so little time to get it done? Stress; it changes our mood, our health, and our overall well being. As college students, my partner I decided that it would be in our best interest to choose a topic that affects us and our peers. We also realized that to make a strong proposal argument, we would need a lot of strong evidence to support our solution, whatever that solution may be. So, we met in the library and started brainstorming possible topics. After becoming side tracked and complaining about all the assignments we have to do by the end of the week, we realized that researching about stress on college students, and how Georgia State can help students reduce the amount of stress they may suffer during college, would make a perfect topic. We then researched on the internet what a person can do to cope with stress. Of the many answers we found, we chose time management and exercise as ways to cope
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SelfEditNarrative - Anthony Bencosme Engslish 1102 Dionne...

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