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Bencosme, Pickett 1 Dionne Irving English 1102 20 Apr 2010 Work It Out A ten page assignment on the history of Julius Cesar, a group presentation for your perspectives class, a test over eight chapters in American government, a six minute speech for human communications class, and you still have to do three hours in the MILE for calculus by the end of the week. On top of that, balancing jobs, relationships with family and friends, extracurricular activities, volunteer work, and so on can become a lot to handle. How does all of this affect a college student that also thrives for a social life and is already under the pressure of adjusting to the world without mom or dad? Stress; it changes our mood, our health, our academic performance, and our overall well being. According to Hans Selye, a well known expert in stress research, defines stress as “the non-specific result of any demand on the body be it a mental or somatic demand for survival and the accomplishment of our aims.” A survey conducted in the spring of 2005 by the American college Health Association’s National College Health Assessment states that stress is the leading cause of poor academic performance and withdrawal from the university. (1) This is not to say that we are alone and without assistance in our struggles. Georgia State University offers various ways to help students avoid and deal with stress, such as the counseling center, freshman learning communities, social organizations, and social events such as Panther Prowl. However, Georgia State hasn’t provided the simplest and most effective solution to this problem, which is the benefit of exercise.
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Bencosme, Pickett 2 Georgia State has provided its faculty and students with a highly acceptable recreation center. Though intramural sports and various optional fitness classes are offered, the choice to attend this gym is solely ours. Often, the hardest part of regularly exercising is simply motivating
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Work it Out #1 - Bencosme Pickett 1 Anthony Bencosme JoAnna...

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