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Bencosme 1 Anthony Bencosme History 1111 Rebecca Huskey 4 May 2010 Spartan Way of Life Sparta was an ancient city-state in what is now, and always has been, Greece. During the time, Athens was the other major city state in Greece, but both varied dramatically. Athens viewed Sparta as a civilization of uneducated brutal people that lived without order, as most of Greece did also. This was entirely untrue though. Sparta was unique for its system of social classes and extremely dominant military power on land. The different social classes, extreme liberal view towards women, and deep devotion to the city state, not only caused Sparta to have a powerful military but also nearly ended their civilization entirely. The social classes of Sparta were made up of Spartiates, Mothakes, Perioeci, and Helots. The Spartiate was a Spartan citizen with more rights than any of the other classes. Both men and women of Spartan descent were Spartiates. These people made up the core of the Spartan military. The life of a Spartiate was unlike any other citizen from any other civilization. Both male and female babies began their life in similar manners. Upon birth, the infant was not bathed in water like most other new borns, but in wine by a Spartan nurse. The purpose of this was to separate the weak infants from the ones that were naturally strong enough to become a Spartan. In a sense, Spartans were only allowing the strong to live so that they may give birth to strong children. If the child suffered convulsions, it was not accepted into society. They did not kill the infants, but left it out in the wild on the Mount of Taygetos to survive on its own. Those that did survive the test at birth were immediately brought back to nursing and taken special care of. The nurses would also train the child not to fear the dark or being alone. Wining was not
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Bencosme 2 accepted, and the child was not wrapped in cloths. This was to allow the child to begin strengthening its limbs. Upon reaching the age of seven years, they began their education and military training. The Agoge is the schooling that mainly Spartiates began once they were seven. The only exceptions allowed to enter the Agoge were Trophimois. Trophimois were children of non- Spartan descent, but were fostered by a Spartan. These cases were exceptionally rare. The Agoge
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Sparta - Bencosme 1 Anthony Bencosme History 1111 Rebecca...

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