blood%20typing[1] - the cell surface called Rh factors,...

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4/2/11 Introduction Blood typing is useful for many different applications. It can be used to identify victims of injustice, and liberate those who have been wrongfully prosecuted. It also categorizes blood used in blood transfusions to save lives, as well as solving Grady baby mix-ups. If a person get the wrong blood type through a transfusion, the body will build antibodies to attack the forign cells and can cause the body to go into shock and die. Also a mother who is carrying a fetus with a different blood type can have antibodies travel through the placenta and attack the cells of the developing baby leading to a miscarriage. There are different types of blood including: A, AB, B, and O. All blood types execpt for O can have additional proteins on
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Unformatted text preview: the cell surface called Rh factors, which further add to the 4/2/11 Recently three couples needed to identify their new born babies after a fire broke out in the nursery. The medical staff utilized blood typing as a tool to match the correct baby with the correct couple. Not knowing which baby belonged to which couple we tested the blood of the different couples with antibodies to see what 4/2/11 Discussion We found that Ms. Anderson has AB blood and her possible genotypes are AB, while Mr. Anderson has B blood and his possible genotypes are BB and O. Together the genotypes for their child can be AB, BB, AO, or BO. Ms. Brown has AB blood as well and Mr. Anderson has O. His genotypes are OO and their child can have AO or BO...
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blood%20typing[1] - the cell surface called Rh factors,...

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