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Chapter 1 “ People, Politics, and Participation” Puzzle paradox of govt.: citizens are reluctant to embrace big govt. or give it too much power, but demand and appreciate services Some are taken for granted: standard time, FDA, schools, minimum wage Politics: process of deciding who gets benefits in society and who is excluded from benefiting (struggle for power) Political efficacy: “I can make a difference” keeps it running because we lack trust so we pay more attention and act more Increase Political efficacy?: political knowledge Govt. Protects territory and citizenry and provides a national defense Preserves order and stability (emergency services)
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Unformatted text preview: Public Good: services provided by government to everyone Raises and spends money (taxes) Socializes new generations Forms of Govt.: Autocracy = single ruler (king) Oligarchy = few elite hole power (North Korea) Democracy = supreme power of governance lies in the hands of citizens How?: Totalitarian = govt. controls everything Authoritarian = govt. holds strong powers, but are check by some forces (Cuba) Limited = govt. is key to the explansion of political participation Expansion = allows more people a right to participate in politics Representative Democracy / Republic = people select reps and are given a regular opportunity to do so (USA)...
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