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Chapter 9 - • General elections follow the primary and...

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Chapter 9 “Elections, Campaign, Voting” Elections in America Voters ultimately control who governs them, but the govt, has influence over when, where, and how citizens participate Elections are used to select representatives, nominate candidates, and make policy directly Types of Elections Caucus: meeting of party members held to select delegates to the national conventions Primary election: held to select each party’s candidate for the general election o Closed Primary: voting is limited to members of that party o Open Primary: any registered voter can vote in any party’s primary
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Unformatted text preview: • General elections: follow the primary and determines which candidates win the offices being sought • Runoff elections: held if no candidate receives an absolute majority in the election o Some states have instant runoffs • Referendum: allows citizens to vote directly on proposed law or govt. action o Offered by 24 states o Initiatives and propositions • Recall: allows citizens to remove governors and other elected officials from office o Offered by 18 states o 2003 – California o Must have a petition signed by members of the electorate...
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