Chapter2,3 - 6/17 Chapter 2 The Constitution American...

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6/17 Chapter 2 “The Constitution” American Revolution and Constitution were outcomes from struggles within colonial America 5 sectors with different issues in taxation, trade, and commerce: (elites:) 1. New England merchants 2.southern planters 3.royalists 5.small farmers 1750; the british taxed colonies to finance French and Indian Wars Tariffs/ duties on stamps, sugar, tea Slogan made by merchants and planters “royalist”, shopkeepers, and farmers fought for political change 1773;East India Company monopoly on export of tea from Britain Boston Tea Party Britain closed the port of Boston and restricted westward movement 1774; 1 st Continental Congress called for a Boycott on British goods and though of independence 1776; 2 nd Continental Congress appointed committee to draft a statement of independence Written by Thomas Jefferson “We hold these truths…” Constitution = mission, fundamental structures, essential processes 1777; Articles of Confederation and Perpetual Union System of government that allows states to retain authority except through powers specifically delegated 1 st goal = limit national govt.
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6/17 No president, unicameral congress that: declared war/peace, make alliances & treaties, borrow and coin money, regulate trade with Natives AofC Problem was that it was weak because it was limited Annapolis Convention in 1786 = only 5 states to revise AofC 1786/1787; Shays Rebellion (Daniel Shay) Rebellion against Massachusetts Govt. Post war economy, drought, bad winter, resulted in less credit & required cash
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Chapter2,3 - 6/17 Chapter 2 The Constitution American...

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