Chapter12Presidency - Chapter 12 The Presidency...

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Chapter 12 “The Presidency” Presidential Power In times of crisis, presidential power expands – especially during times of war The expansion of power is a result of congressional delegation, which once delegated is Constitutional Basis for the Presidency Under the Article of Confederation the executive was practically nonsexist During the framing of Constitution, federalists fought to create an executive that was energetic, independent of Congress, and endowed with enough powers to lead Article 2 of the Constitution concerns the President and his executive powers Constitutional Powers of the Presidency Presidential power is made up of express, delegated, and inherent powers Expressed Powers: specific powers granted by Constitution Diplomatic: make treaties (with Advice and Consent) and receive ambassadors and other public officials Executive: appointment of Executive officers, Faithful execution of laws Judicial: grand pardons and reprieves Legislative: Participation in the legislative process
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Chapter12Presidency - Chapter 12 The Presidency...

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