Chapter14 - Chapter 12 The Judiciary Federal Courts Nearly...

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Chapter 12 “The Judiciary” Federal Courts Nearly 25 million cases tried in American courts every year 1 in every 9 Americans is directly involved in litigation Many critics feel that Americans have become too litigious The Supreme Court was viewed as the “least dangerous branch” by the Framers, but today, this is not true Federal Jurisdiction US is divided into 12 judicial circuits 89 in states, 1 in DC, 1 in Puerto Rico Federal district courts handle most of the cases of original jurisdiction The authority to initially consider a case Responsible for discovering the facts and creating the record on which a judgement is based Federal courts must provide a grand jury, a 12 member trial jury, and a unanimous jury verdict Federal Appellate Courts Hear about 20% of lower court cases 1 appellate court for each circuit (12) Supreme Court highest court in US Constitution does not specify how many justices should be on Supreme Court (Congress set to 9 in 1869) (8 associate justices and 1 chief justice who presides over the court’s public sessions and provides organizational leadership) How Judges Are Appointed Appointed by president Before formal nomination, senatorial courtesy takes place president seeks approval from the Senators from the candidate’s state
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After nominations, nominee is considered by the Senate Judiciary Committee, then confirmed by the Senate No term limit once confirmed by Senate Power of Supreme Court: Judicial Review Supreme Court operates on principle of judicial review Power to review actions and laws by congress and declare them unconstitutional
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Chapter14 - Chapter 12 The Judiciary Federal Courts Nearly...

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