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GAGovt - • GA Bicameral Legislature very similar to...

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Key Aspects of the GA Constitution? GA govt. comprised of 4 governing bodies: executive, legislative, judicial, and local Governor shares executive powers with state department heads and other state officials Governor serves as the chief policy maker & budget officer for the state for 4years (x2) Legislatures are the policy makers for state and serve as a check on other branches of govt. Courts play role of state referee and dispute settler Local govt. comprise the final major player in state govt.
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Unformatted text preview: • GA Bicameral Legislature very similar to federal State Impact on Citizens & Citizens Impact on State? • 90% of work is on revenue • 10 different Constitutions • They work together to provide residents with services such as education, health care, safety, transportation, and economic opportunity • Texting While Driving Laws, Left Lane Passing Lane only, Super Speeder Law, etc. • GA.gov for more info on Georgia Law...
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