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Introduction to Philosophy: Writing Assignment : The assignment is to write a 2-3 page paper in which you defend a response to one of the topics discussed in the readings and/or the lecture. This is not a research paper. Rather, the assignment is to state and defend your own views about one of topics that has been discussed. The following criteria for the grading of your paper should help clarify the requirements for the paper. Check Plus : The paper includes accurate explanations of the relevant philosophical positions. It contains an insightful and original argument that goes a beyond what was said in class and in the readings. Significant objections are raised and answered. Check : The paper does all of the above, but does not contain a significant original argument, and fails to consider possible objections and/or leaves important points undeveloped. Check Minus : The paper does not include accurate and/or clear explanations of a relevant philosophical positions.
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Unformatted text preview: Views are asserted but there is virtually no attempt to defend those views. It reflects a lack of understanding of the material. Paper Outline : In order to make sure your paper includes the proper material, here is a check-list of points. Make sure your paper includes the following. 1. Clear Explanation of the position/argument to be discussed in the paper. 2. Precise statement of the view you defend in the paper. 3. One (or more) arguments for your view. (Be sure you have not just stated an opinion, but given the best reasons in support of it you can. The reader should be able to tell not just what you believe, but also the reasons you have for thinking that your view is true.) 4. State what you think would be the strongest objection to your view. (In what way do you think that people might disagree with your opinion and your evidence for your opinion.) 5. What is your answer to the objection? Explain why the objection to your view mistaken?...
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