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Unformatted text preview: # ---------------------------------------# CUTTING STOCK USING PATTERNS # ---------------------------------------param roll_width > 0; set WIDTHS; p param orders {WIDTHS} > 0; param nPAT integer >= 0; s set PATTERNS = 1..nPAT; # width of raw rolls # set of widths to be cut # number of each width to be cut # number of patterns # set of patterns p param nbr {WIDTHS,PATTERNS} integer >= 0; check {j in PATTERNS}: sum {i in WIDTHS} i * nbr[i,j] <= roll_width; # defn of patterns: nbr[i,j] = number # of rolls of width i in pattern j var Cut {PATTERNS} integer >= 0; minimize Number: sum {j in PATTERNS} Cut[j]; # rolls cut using each pattern # minimize total raw rolls cut subject to Fill {i in WIDTHS}: sum {j in PATTERNS} nbr[i,j] * Cut[j] >= orders[i]; # for each width, total # rolls cut meets total orders # ---------------------------------------# KNAPSACK SUBPROBLEM FOR CUTTING STOCK # ---------------------------------------p param price {WIDTHS} default 0.0; v var Use {WIDTHS} integer >= 0; minimize Reduced_Cost: 1 - sum {i in WIDTHS} price[i] * Use[i]; subject to Width_Limit: sum {i in WIDTHS} i * Use[i] <= roll_width; ...
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