examp3 - subject to Supply{i in 1.warehouse sum{j in...

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### two dimension example: param warehouse; param customer; ## other parameters param cost{ i in 1. .warehouse,j in 1. .customer}; param supply{i in 1. .warehouse}; param demand{ j in 1. .customer}; var x{i in 1. .warehouse, j in 1. .customer}; minimize Cost: sum{ i in 1. .warehouse, j in 1. . customer} cost[i,j]*x[i,j];
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Unformatted text preview: subject to Supply {i in 1. .warehouse}: sum {j in 1. .customer} x[i,j]=supply[i]; subject to Demand {j in 1. .customer}: sum {i in 1. .warehouse} x[i,j]=demand[j]; subject to positive{i in 1. .warehouse, j in 1. .customer}: x[i,j]>= 0;...
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