netmax - m subject to Balance{k in INTER diff{entr,exit...

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set INTER; # intersections s param entr symbolic in INTER; # entrance to road network param exit symbolic in INTER, <> entr; # exit from road network p set ROADS within (INTER diff {exit}) cross (INTER diff {entr}); s param cap {ROADS} >= 0; # capacities var Traff {(i,j) in ROADS} >= 0, <= cap[i,j]; # traffic loads v maximize Entering_Traff: sum {(entr,j) in ROADS} Traff[entr,j];
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Unformatted text preview: m subject to Balance {k in INTER diff {entr,exit}}: sum {(i,k) in ROADS} Traff[i,k] = sum {(k,j) in ROADS} Traff[k,j]; data; d set INTER := a b c d e f g ; s param entr := a ; param exit := g ; p param: ROADS: cap := a b 50, a c 100 b d 40, b e 20 c d 60, c f 20 d e 50, d f 60 e g 70, f g 70 ;...
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