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University of California, Davis Department of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science ECH 157 Process Dynamics and Control Ahmet Palazoglu HOMEWORK 3 Fall 2010 (40 points) 1. (10 pts) Problem II.6 from R&P. 2. (10 pts) Problem II.10 from R&P. 3. (10 pts) Problem II.11 from R&P. Use MATLAB (try command ss2tf ) for your calculations. Provide all documentation. 4. (10 pts) To determine an input-output model for a process, an experiment has
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Unformatted text preview: been performed. The manipulated variable is changed as a step function and the values of the output response are recorded. The data is given on the course Smartsite (Homework3Fall2010.xls). For this process, determine a FOPDT model using three different methods (63.2%, inflection point, fraction incomplete ). Compare the performance of each method graphically using MATLAB. Provide all documentation. (DUE 10/25/10)...
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