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ErrorTest - function Xs = SecantRoot(Fun,X1,X2,imax X(1)=X1...

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%%This function finds roots using the secant method %Fun is the imput function %X1 and X2 are trial roots %imax is the total number of trial solutions including X1 and X2 %a complete list of trial solutions is returned
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Unformatted text preview: function Xs = SecantRoot(Fun,X1,X2,imax) X(1)=X1; X(2)=X2; for i = 3:imax X(i)=X2-(feval(Fun,X2)*(X1-X2))/(feval(Fun,X1)-feval(Fun,X2)); X1=X2; X2=X(i); end Xs=X;...
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