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Ch7 Fraud, Internal Control and Cash h The petty cash fund of €200 for Vernon Company appeared as follows on December 31, 2011: Cash €91.60 Petty cash vouchers Freight in €22.40 Postage 40.00 Balloons for a special occasion 18.00 Meals 25.00 Instructions 1. Briefly describe when the petty cash fund should be replenished. Because there is cash on hand, is there a need to replenish the fund at year end on December 31? Explain. 2. Prepare in general journal form the entry to replenish the fund. 3. On December 31, the office manager gives instructions to increase the petty cash fund by €100. Make the appropriate journal entry. The cash records of Landis Company show the following four situations. 1. The June 30 bank reconciliation indicated that deposits in transit total $1,080. During July the general ledger account Cash shows deposits of $23,620, but the bank statement indicates that only $23,400 in deposits were received during the month. 2.
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Ch7 Fraud...

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