Ch 8 Review Question Answers

Ch 8 Review Question Answers - Chapter 8 Review Questions...

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Chapter 8 Review Questions 1. (d) Jupiter is the most massive planet. 2. (a) Mars does not have rings. 3. (a) Mercury is the least massive planet. Before the change in definitions of objects in the solar system, Pluto was the least massive planet. 4. (d) Jupiter has the most moons due to its large mass, but Saturn is a close second. The number changes frequently as new moons are discovered. 5. Jupiter’s atmosphere has a banded appearance with the Great Red Spot and numerous other spots. The belts and zones that comprise the bands are long-lived. The Great Red Spot has existed for at least three and a half centuries. The smaller spots are shorter-lived. There are also auroras and frequent lightning discharges. 6. Interactive exercise 7. The belts and zones in Jupiter’s atmosphere are a result of convection of the liquid and gas in the planet’s interior. Jupiter’s rapid rotation draws the convected matter into parallel bands moving primarily east and west, thereby creating the belts and zones. 8. Interactive exercise 9. Liquid metallic hydrogen is a state of matter for hydrogen where hydrogen becomes a good electrical conductor. Jupiter and Saturn contain liquid metallic hydrogen. The immense pressure and high temperatures of the interiors produce this form of hydrogen. 10. Io’s surface has numerous active volcanoes. The other three have icy surfaces. Europa shows signs of movement suggesting a liquid water interior. Ganymede and Callisto have dark, dust-covered icy surfaces with numerous impact craters. 11. Interactive exercise 12. Tidal heating, which is caused by the physical deformation of this moon as it orbits Jupiter, powers Io’s volcanoes. The deformation causes rock to rub against rock, creating friction, which generates heat. 13. All of these bodies sustained numerous impacts over billions of years. However, debris from Io’s
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Ch 8 Review Question Answers - Chapter 8 Review Questions...

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