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181lec1 - Psychology 181 Dr Anagnostaras Drugs and Behavior...

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Unformatted text preview: Psychology 181 Dr. Anagnostaras Drugs and Behavior Winter 2011 UCSD Website username and password is “marijuana” http://mocolab.org/Courses/Psyc181.html Psychology 181: Drugs & Behavior Instructor: Office: Stephan Anagnostaras 5113 McGill Hall Mon 3:00 – 4:00 pm or by appt ALL Course email: [email protected] ALL [email protected] Psychology 181: Drugs & Behavior Teaching assistants Stephanie “Carmacker” Carmack [email protected] Office hours: 4-6 Wedneday, Mandler Hall 2503 Mike “The Claffeinator” Claffey [email protected] Office hours: 3-4 Wednesday, McGill Hall, 3322 Psychology 181: Drugs & Behavior Optional Text: Psychopharmacology: Drugs, the Brain and Behavior by Meyer & Quenzer, 2004 by Reading assignments are by chapter on the syllabus Amazon link on Website $68 Neuropsychopharmacology • Highly interdisciplinary field Highly • pharmacology pharmacology • behavioral neuroscience behavioral • abnormal psychology and psychiatry abnormal • Most prescription drugs are psychotherapeutics Most • Big money and politics involved Big • Focus on history and social context Focus • Lines between addictive drugs and prescribed drugs often vague drugs Should you be here? Should Prerequisites: Introductory Biopsychology or Introductory Neuroscience and an interest in biological explanations of brainbiological behavior relations Introductory Biology and/or Introductory Chemistry helpful, not required Chemistry Powerpoint lecture outlines Available on our webpage q http://mocolab.org/Courses/Psyc181.html Print Powerpoint files (3 slides/page) Print and bring notes to lecture or use the and pdf files Grades and announcements will be on the course blog page Readings Follow reading assignments on Follow syllabus as an adjunct to lecture syllabus You will be tested only on Lectures The optional book is a study aid only Exams and Grading Exams • In all likelihood, exams will be on-line on WebCT In • You will skip class and have 36 hours to complete a 1 hour exam (the whole week for the final) hour • Contingent on the TAs and I figuring it out Contingent Four exams Four Jan 24, Midterm 1, 40 multiple choice noncumulative Jan Feb 11, Midterm 2, 40 multiple choice noncumulative Feb 28, Midterm 3, 40 multiple choice noncumulative March 14, 3:00 – 5:59 pm, Final Exam, 80 points – 30 Final noncumulative, and 25 cumulative worth 2 points each noncumulative, Sample questions and review sheets will be on the website Extra Credit Extra (1) http://experimetrix2.com/ucsd/ Up to 3 experiments for 2 points each. Up (2) Major project Must earn A– or better on Exam 1. Must Groups of up to 3 Groups Produce a video (15 min) or survey. Present for 15 min on the last day of class. Must be approved by instructor. Worth up to a full letter grade. Lecture Topic & Schedule Lecture 1. History and Introduction to 1. Psychopharmacology Psychopharmacology 2. Introduction to Synaptic Transmission 3. Neuropsychopharmacology of Selected 3. Drugs and Therapeutic Strategies for Selected Disorders Selected 4. Theories of Addiction Need to add? Come up and see me ...
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